We built the lightest buggy in the world

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we've reinterpreted the past
to meet the future

Maintaining Maclaren's commitment to safety and style, while acknowledging our British heritage, the Maclaren Mark II is an innovative, lightweight stroller for parents.

Using the original design brief for our very first buggy as inspiration, we've applied modern materials, engineering, and nearly a half century of experience to create the lightest full-featured buggy.



The Maclaren Mark II uses the original design brief of Maclaren's first and innovative umbrella stroller, the B-01 buggy.


it was the lightest then.
it is the lightest now.

Since 1965, Maclaren has been committed to crafting stylish and safe buggies. We are proud of our heritage, and are excited to debut the Maclaren Mark II, which builds off our first ever stroller, the B-01.


The core of the Mark II is the aluminium hex chassis.

+chassis composition +chassis plastics
The Mark II Chassis uses hexagonal tubing, which creates a super lightweight stroller.
The Mark II chassis’s innovative tubing makes it a standout, lightweight buggy. The Mark II wheels are sturdy and maintenance free. They are connected to the buggy using a suspension system that allows for a smooth ride for baby, mom and dad. The wheels on the Mark II use a closed cell technology that allows for a soft ride without any maintenance.
The handles and the hexagonal chassis are built as a whole. This innovative solution allows the Maclaren Mark II to move forward more easily, allowing for an enjoyable strolling experience. The Mark II handles are soft and antimicrobial.


Best of both worlds.

+wheel composition +wheel detail +suspension +brakes


Get a grip.

+ergonomic design


The Maclaren Mark II is lighter than air. Weighing only 3,3kg or 7.3lb, the Mark II is our lightest stroller ever.



The rip-stop fabric is easy to wipe down, and the entire seat can be removed for washing. A Maclaren designed seat liner, tailored for the Mark II, is available to provide an additional layer of comfort and ease. A mesh panel on the seat keeps buggy cool while rip-stop fabric creates a durable, lightweight seat fabric. Mesh, weaved into the durable fabric of the straps, contributes to the lightweight of the Maclaren Mark II. The shoulder strap allows you to transport the Mark IIeasily. A tether strap keeps the stroller safely secured to your wrist. These features can also be found on all Maclaren buggies, including the Quest andTriumph. A fashionable, large hood is a unique and delightful element of the Mark II’s stylish British heritage. An oversized hood keeps baby dry and out of the sun's rays. The Mark II hood come branded with Maclaren's signature logo.


Light and strong.

+fabric +mesh


Safe and Secure.

+shoulder strap +tether strap


Everything is light...
except the shade.

+sun visor +hood

08the mark ii

All of the features, none of the weight.

+5-point harness +shopping basket


Our lightweight strollers take a little trip over the River Thames. Hello, London!

The Mark II in Midnight Navy.

Midnight Navy

The Mark II in Spicey Orange.

Spicy Orange

The Mark II in Carmine Rose.

Carmine Rose

The Mark II in Silver.


The Mark II in Black.




The Maclaren Mark II raincover comes included with thepurchase of the pushchair. The raincover is a Maclaren designed accessory that's specially tailored for Mark II. The raincover accessory keeps baby out dry and out of the snow, wind and rain.


Keeps the rain out, packs up small...
comes in handy in the wind and snow too.
Included in the box.

:: accessories11seat liner

Colour matched, cushioned, washable, cosy.

The seat liner comes in four colors—Carmine Rose, Midnight Navy, Spicy Orange, and Silver—and is easily put on and off the pushchair, and machine washable. A stylish, washable seat liner is an excellent Maclaren accessory to add a personal touch to your Mark II. +seat liner

:: accessories12footmuff

Made of the same material as the buggy,
very easy to use and so cosy parents
will wish they could climb in.

The footmuff is lined with shearling, making the footmuff not just warm, but also comfortable. The Maclaren footmuff accessory keeps your baby warm in the cooler months.

:: accessories13mosquito net

Keep critters at bay.

The mosquito net protects and keeps your baby safely distant from buzzing bees and pesky mosquitos. The Maclaren mosquito net accessory keeps the critters away; an excellent accessory for warm weather climates.

3,3kg / 7.3lb

The Mark II lifts off into the air.

16umbrella fold

Designed to be absolutely tiny
when not in use.

Like all Maclaren strollers, the Mark II can be folded in five seconds. The ability to fold the pushchair so quickly makes it an excellent travelling buggy for quickly hopping in and out of a car, or ontopublic transportation. Like all Maclaren strollers, the Mark II folds neatly. The umbrella fold makes the Mark II a lightweight and compact travelling buggy.