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How It All Began

The journey starts with a passion and an interest. For me, it started more than 29 years ago. As a web developer with 29 years experience in development and design for everything web related. I'm an interactive developer and this is my portfolio site. The work displayed here is a combination of freelance projects, full-time job stuff, and my own creativity. "There is no such thing as a mobile internet, and the same should hold true for the web page a user views and on the device in which they view it. More and more people are going mobile, and so should your site — but don't forget about the desktop users as well — responsive design allows for this, and properly implemented will create a user experience that matches the user."

Obsessively Passionate

My passion for web development started almost 3 decades ago when I first taught myself how to code and then combined that with my background in art. Starting out as a designer/developer – it would be a decade before I transitioned over to development in a job where I could grow professionally. I thrive on finding solutions where others say "...it can't be done..." or "...it's impossible to do...".

Talented Experience

I am a talented, experienced and accomplished usability-driven web developer/engineer of 29 years with a strategic focus on the user experience and front-end development, combined with a deep understanding of what users want, and the experience they expect when accessing any website. I am a Director of Web Development, but more so I am an interactive developer and digital strategist.

Measurable Results

Building off my experience and background I have found new ways to deliver content, which produced measurable results that translated into successes for my clients. One client, I had modified my approach in how I develop a site to be responsive, and my methods had helped optimize their marketing campaigns that saw an increase of sales by 25% in less than a month of usage.


Projects Done


Satisfied Clients


Cups of Coffee


Awards Won

It's What I Do

Through my career, I've developed web solutions and solved problems for many clients, including Consolidated Edison, GE Consumer Finance, Xerox, Seiko, Heineken, Eastern Mountain Sports, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Maclaren and LaserPerformance.

I thrive on finding solutions where others say "...it can't be done..." or "...it's impossible to do...". With that, I possess a strong passion for web development and developing ways to entice users to interact with the web sites I create. Starting around 2006 I had developed several techniques which 'sniff out' the user's device to determine if the device is a phone, a tablet or desktop computer then returns the appropriate layout. With the onset of Media Query usage in CSS, I now focus my attention on adaptive layouts which allow for a single layout to be used across any device, regardless, and scale the layout to fit the appropriate dimensions of the window view.

Strategic Thinking
Process Improvement

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