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No greater reference, than what is said from those I have worked with.

... A shining example of Paul's work ethic is how he takes the initiative to find solutions. If there is a new idea for a site-enhancing function, he does whatever is necessary to make it happen. Paul will then go the extra few miles to make sure the quality of the job is perfect the first time — on or before deadline — no exceptions ...

Corey Austin
Creative Director at Invocation Media

Paul's high standards and innovative thinking makes collaborating with him an absolute pleasure. He takes enormous pride in all of his work and gives every project – no matter how big or small – 110%.

Brandi Morgan
Associate Director of Client Delivery at 10up

Paul is an ambitious, professional and terrific person. He made such a positive impact for LaserPerformance's web presence. His patience and effective communication skills for all of his clients was highly evident. Paul was able to quickly solve problems and had a keen sense of urgency that lended well to projects with often tight deadlines. He always went above and beyond what was asked of him. His curiousity to seek out and achieve the best possible result was an extremely valuable quality I saw in Paul with all of the work that he completed. He's a great team player. I would recommend Paul to anyone. His skills, friendly personality, and strong work ethic will be an asset to any company that has the pleasure of working with him.

Shaina Vlaun
Marketing Executive, Forevermark US at De Beers Group

As a Project Manager, Paul was one of my favorite team members because he truly recognized the value in process and adherence to project timelines. I could always rely on Paul's integrity-- when he committed to a deadline or deliverable, he stuck to it. But his greatest value-add is his problem-solving mindset. Paul's "Give me the problem and I'll build a solution" approach resulted in a collaborative team environment (especially with creative teams) and at the end of the day, helped us to produce better work. I'd love the opportunity to work with Paul again but at the very least, I'm happy to recommend him highly!

Christine Cianni
VP of Operations at HealthPrize Technologies

Paul has been a critical resource to my role and responsibilities. Not only does he deliver, he goes above and beyond what is required of him. He has a strong aptitude for system and business process integrations. He understands all phases of web production, including needs assessment, layout design, search optimization, functionality and maintenance...

Nyota Ferguson
Certified SAFe Product Manager at Charter Communications

I had the pleasure of working with Paul on several Web application projects that involved two very different groups and each having very different ideas on what the solution should be. Paul is open minded and not the type of person to get stuck in one technology or framework. He is forward thinking, open to other ideas and always comes up with the best solution for the task at hand and does whatever it takes to make it happen. He is a GREAT asset on any team

Doug Fulcher
Cybersecurity Risk Manager at Pratt & Whitney

Paul LaValle is, without question, the finest web developer I've had the pleasure of working with during my long career. He knows development inside and out, forward and backwards, and from all angles; he studies and refines the latest tricks and trends and adds them to his toolbox constantly and consistently. If you have a problem, he has a solution -- typically as soon as your question is out of your mouth -- and he presents it to you in a calm, cheerful manner that helps you understand how it works behind the scenes, how it's going to solve the problem, and, more often than not, how it will add extra value to the overall project. Even now, after we've taken divergent career paths, if I have a question about web development, Paul's my first stop -- and usually my last. You won't find a better web developer than Paul; I'm not sure you can even find one on par with him.

Tony Shanahan

I had the pleasure of working with Paul very closely on a number of product site launches for a new startup company that specialized in building custom, branded loyalty programs for our e-commerce partners' consumers. With this new business model came new challenges (ie. single sign and framing content from one domain within our partner's site) that required Paul's knowledge and skill sets to accomplish. Paul has proven himself to be a valuable asset, and despite his heavy workload, always found the time to provide guidance and/or make the quick fixes necessary to keep things running smoothly, which was truly an appreciated necessity for the client facing team that Paul supported. Paul is a no-nonsense, super talented, get the job done kind of guy and anybody working with Paul going forward will be lucky to have him.

Michael Quinn
VP Client Services at Zeta Global

I've worked with Paul at FYI Direct for years now, and he has been one of the best Creative Directors and Developers I've ever been around. Paul demands excellence of himself and others around him, and has a tremendous work ethic ... Over the last year as mobile advertising has continued to boom, Paul has been the lead on scaling and growing our marketing in this channel with our account team. His efforts and strategy has literally helped double sales conversion and made it an important growing sales source ...

Geoffrey Huntting
Senior VP, eCommerce at Hint Inc.

Paul was one of the best developers I ever had the pleasure of hiring and working with directly. We built some great website and very cool interactive tools together. Paul 'gets it' - you give him an idea of what you're trying to do and somehow already knows how to build it. He is detail oriented, listens to what the asked for understands requirements gathering, makes suggestion and recommendations for improvements along the way and completes the job on time. Paul is also a great leader and has built a solid team of developers around him. He is known for leading by example and his team knows Paul will always have their back. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Paul again.

Kip Finch
Associate Creative Director at Boehringer Ingelheim

Paul is a highly motivated and easy-going person to work with. As a manager, he is fair, inspires creative thinking and demands a strong work ethic. he has been successful time and again leading our team to deliver projects on time and within budget. As an accomplished front-end web developer, Paul is very passionate and possesses a high level of skill and technical knowledge ...

John Barreiros
Engineer / Web Developer, Datto, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Paul for over 5 years, 2 of which he was part of an outstanding team I oversaw. Paul has a terrific combination of design and technical skills. Paul can both create a highly creative, innovative and business impactful design AND understand exactly how to technically implement that work, to have the desired optimal business impact. Paul's management of the front-end development team was highly successful for the company as Paul helped conceive of and implement a wide-range of technical and process improvements that had a material positive impact on the business and its effective operations. Paul is a terrific individual and a true team player and he will be a major asset to any company he should work for in the future

Bruce Douglas
Chief Executive Officer at Education Dynamics

Paul was great to work with when he was here at Dory managing all front end development projects. He always delivered when tasked with challenging deadlines and even more challenging clients. He always provided a solution, no matter what objective. I highly recommend Paul!

Timothy Stacy
Creative Director at Dory Designs

Paul is everything a developer should be: inquisitive, eager to solve problems, and obsessed with making web apps and products work better. In my time as designer at Dory, Paul and I created a lot of stellar products. We did not do this just because I designed them, but because Paul committed the time and research necessary to figure out how to do them. Moreover, I found Paul committed to the niceties of good web design and very eager to hear me out on how to make the tiniest refinements to a website's visual look. Above all these things, Paul was a terrific colleague on an individual level. Friendly and always ready to share a good story. I truly enjoyed working with him!

Kyle Picone
Graphic Designer at Columbia Business School

It has been my pleasure to both supervise and work along side Paul on a number of projects. Paul has been an invaluable resource when it comes to web development. His work ethic and front end development skills are of the highest caliber. Whether working on site or remote, you can count on Paul to put in 110% of his time and energy into evaluating and executing projects, providing valuable feedback along the way.

Randy Haims
Web and Digital Media Manager at Con Edison Solutions

As the Head of Marketing at Maclaren, I had the opportunity to work with Paul on all digital marketing efforts, including moving our digital commerce from Demand Ware to Netsuite. Paul was an instrumental member of the team and a great leader on the digital commerce front. He not only finished projects on time, he optimized their performance to ensure award winning results and was a great problem solver. Paul will be an asset to any team/company he joins. I give him my highest recommendation.

Natasha Saadat Angus
Chief Marketing Officer at US Park Pass

I have the good fortune to know Paul Lavalle for more than 10 years, both as co-worker and friend. In short, Paul is one of those do-everything talents that would give any company – large or small – an instant upgrade. As both Web Development Director and Lead Designer (and earlier in his career as Web Production Manager), Paul quickly earned a reputation predicated on efficiency, speed, and innovation; he's blessed with both a technician's online savvy and an artist's eye – the efficient creator in every sense. From a management and mentoring standpoint, Paul is that guy who can attend a meeting and extrapolate to others exactly what needs to be done. And when there's a need to build a website, meet a deadline, or craft practical, yet innovative, creative, he's your guy...

John Fischer
Writer/Researcher at Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas

I had the privilege of working closely with Paul for over 5 years at FYI Direct. During our time together at FYI Direct, Paul continuously proved his value with his superior work. Whenever there was an issue that required out of the box thinking, Paul could always be counted on to find a work around to make things function properly. He is an expert at coding web pages and also came up with a creative way to have pages render based on the browser type seamlessly, leading to significant mobile conversion wins. When I had the opportunity to work with Paul again at my new company, I jumped at it.

Ted Hissey
Sr. Manager, Marketing MedImpact at Healthcare Systems, Inc.

Paul is a rare breed of developer talent. His uncanny ability to solve problems on the fly make him a tremendous asset. His cutting edge knowledge of responsive/adaptive development makes him all the more desirable to any company. Paul LaValle is a gold-mine-developer. He's number 1 on my speed-dial for all my development needs.

Chris Dickinson
Sr. Director, Creative at cxLoyalty

Paul LaValle sets the standard for web developers. Tireless in his quest to add to his formidable arsenal of development solutions, he somehow always manages to enhance the user experience and increase customer engagement, no matter how daunting the challenge. Even if your web site is good, he'll make it great. And if it's great, he'll find ways to make it better. What's more, Paul brings out the best in his team by setting an example of excellence. If you value performance over politics and transparency over smoke-and-mirors, you'll appreciate the value of Paul LaValle. Bottom line: he's good for YOUR bottom line.

Joseph Frango
Copywriter and Creative Director at Joe Frango Creative, LLC

I've worked with Paul over the last 5-6 years. Paul is an enthusiastic member of the team who always has ideas to share. He has a great 'can-do' attitude. If there is ever a question on whether or not something can be done, Paul is the first one to offer himself up as the one who will figure it out (and he always does!). He has the ability to work well on projects internally as well as interfacing with external clients. He always has the best interests of the project, business and customer in mind...

Kate Cooke
Director Product Development at LifeMart

Paul has always impressed me with his focus and dedication to his work and his endless team spirit and dedication. I have tremendous respect for his knowledge and his ability to ability to quickly absorb new technology ...

Sam Jaafari
President at Innovative Micro Technologies, Inc.

I worked very closely with Paul for 3 years. He is talented, smart and a true professional. Paul is always up to date on the latest technology. He will bring cutting edge ideas to brainstorming meetings and will often push the team in a direction we might not have gone otherwise. I think this is what truly separates Paul from others. He will be asset to any organization.

Craig Davis
SVP, Digital Marketing at HomeServe USA

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